New Information About The Plot to Kill Dr. King

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Today, Sept. 20, 2010, Thaddeus Matthews, Dick Gregory, Ron (Bear) Tyler, and Atty. Mark Lane jointly revisited April 4, 1968 and beyond.  They shared information, more details, about the assassination of Dr. Martin L. King in Memphis, Tennessee 42 years ago.  In a tele-radio conference call, WPLX AM1180, they unfold information different from what history has dictated.  These four men altered what is believed to be true facts about the dead of Dr. King.  During their conversation, within the public domain, they suggested a meeting in Washington, D. C with members of Congress to further this change in history. 

For several days, Bear (witness) explained how Dr. King’s murder plot unfolded and how black and white conspirators play active roles in his dead.  Bear talked about how money  changed hands from  the FBI to Jessie Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, Billy Kyles, and others.  He spoke of  the FBI’s strategy, using informants, to have Dr. King moved from Rivermont Hotel to Loraine Motel, downtown, where the sniper would have an easy target.

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