Two Thumbs Up; Redd Velvet!

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Redd Velvet; a soulful jazzy rhythm and blues performer will cause you to reflect on whether her music is 21st century or days gone by.  She is a powerful deliverer of a musical expression that causes her audience be in a state of captivity.  She works the audience reeling them into where they really want to be.  Her elegance and style is profound as she moves her spell bounded listeners into parts of her life.  She interject into her soulful introduction that she, Big Mama Thornton,  Ma Rainey, W.C. Handy are all from Alabama as she presents herself as Big Mama Thornton did over a hundred years ago, by bringing her purse on stage.  This was a great performance By Redd Velvet, her musical authority in voice and performance is worth your valuable time.  

What’s shocking is Redd Velvet walks and talks with common people every day as nurse, is always seen downtown and on Beale Street however, one would never know the power and authority she commands on stage while presenting her music;  unbelievable!

Redd Velvet preformed in a world blues competition sponsored by Memphis Blues Society last night at Neil’s on Madison Avenue.  Redd Velvet will perform December 4, 2010 on Beale Street @ The Historical Daisy in her Redd Velvet Review.

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