Memphis City School Board, Illiberal?

Posted on December 16, 2010 by


The most important issue in Memphis to date is about education; will Memphians agree with the Memphis City School Board leaders to relinquish their charter and allow the county of Shelby take control of the school system. What would this move mean to Memphis and Shelby County families and students? Our greatest contribution to the hope, dreams, and aspirations of those (students) who would structure the future of our city is up in the air. A proposal from a school board member blindsided the public in a surprise wakeup call; there are citizens who no longer believe that our children’s educational quality is fulfilled with the present system. And, there are those who believe that Shelby County possesses teachers and equipment of the best and highest quality to get the job done, a slap in the face of Memphis City Schools Teachers Association.

The problem is not with the land, buildings, supplies, and equipment owned by the citizens of Memphis for operation the school system. The problem is with the quality of leadership and its top-heavy administration. The school board membership doesn’t possess the insight, courage, and aptitude necessary to direct its superintendent. Furthermore, they have no ability to hire one as a replacement. Therefore, these school board members should make their positions available, resign, for more astute individuals.

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