How do You Say, “White is Right.”

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I’m not at all surprised by the School Board vote, last night, to give up its state charter, after years and decades of downing African-American students as can’t be taught, violent, and outright trouble makers. In addition, after, years of social observation, I’ve concluded, we are witnessing the conduct and action of the worst group of black leaders in the history of black folks encounter for equality and justice in America. These so-called leaders, today, are both irresponsible and totally out of touch, with their authority and power, as elected and appointed officials. These black elected officials of Memphis are akin to turtles on a log, they just hold on the power even though nothing is ever accomplished by them. Citizens vote over and over for the same deadbeat leaders as sociality dwindles down to nothing. Being irresponsible, they never comprehend a reason to step aside.

I call for mass resignation of Memphis City School Board members and their Superintendent. Why, because they have concluded that the only way to fix their screw-up is to give the entire operation to someone else; ultimate ship jumping. Logic would dictate that if removal of equipment, building, supplies, and land leaves black principals, teachers and students then where is the problem. The solution to the problem would be firings and resignations. But instead, they believe that turning the entire system over to another system, as perceived white, is better. By the way, students are powerless.

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