A New Meaning of Christmas Needed

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December 25th is why our children belief system is as weak as any on earth. At birth, we teach them with great enthusiasm that Santa climbs down the chimney, reindeers that fly, one with a light bulb nose, Rudolf, is real and they all live… in the North Pole. Then, we reinforce that lie with the steel beams of wonderment, trees with beautiful ornaments on them in our homes, foods that would makes a king smile, alone with the best gifts of the year.

That’s not all; we continue teaching lies with fairytales in schools and other amazing holiday figment of ones imagination. In our homes, our children hear us lie to each other routinely. As they grow, they learn that lying is the way to go, like bad preachers, politicians, and thugs are all tired together, in one big lie. As small children, we place them in front of T.V. so that they could be bombarded with a 100 lies a minute for the remaining of their lives.

After all these lies, we take them to church for a few hours on Sunday so they know the different between right and wrong. When they fail and they surely will, we label them as the worst children in society. Is that because, we become the worst parents by teaching lies to our children.

Today, we can see clearly how far we’ve gotten with our children by teaching them how to lie, let’s start teaching our children the truth, then see how far we’ll get on that principle.

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