Ride of a Life Time

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"Steve & Luke Bicyclist"
Ride of a Life Time

Steve and Luke (r), bicyclist, arrived in Memphis today, are traveling across America on manpower and courage.  They are young men in a tremendous struggle bike riding from St. Louis to California.  After 5 days on the back roads they arrived in Memphis; you do the math, how long would take them to get to California?  What’s really interesting is they decided to make this journey in winter months. 

What can you say about these guys?  They represent the embodiment of the America spirit that crossed our great country 200 years ago.  As they entered Starbucks, downtown, one could easily see these men were into their zone; stature, strong, and focused. 

Bicyclists often dream of their ultimate ride across the country, only few would attempt.  These people are the best; fearless, committed, and represent the American spirit.  

What would suppose the effect of youths, from the hood, on such a journey?  Just thinking out aloud, as the old folks would say.

Follow Steve & Luke as they ride west, far west:  http://www.plantandpedal@blogspot.com

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