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The President hit the nail on the head again tonight with his conciliatory speak as he masterfully approach uncharted water of unity between the political parties.  He drew some 58 applauses and over 16 standing ovations.  What’s interesting is that both sides of the house sat together which gave a sense of unity.  As to this President, the highs and low in his speak seem to diminish any effect of Democrats against Republicans and vis-à-vis.  However, the President riveted home in his speak,  State of Union, that Americans, because of their inspiring ideas, are the respected people in the world.

The President reminded Americans of their past and future by reflecting on the great ideas that forged a nation and how those past ideas inspired today’s ideas that transform the way that the world communicate and do business.   He spoke on the internet, how it created industries and increased our economy.  As the President continued his inspirational speak, he encouraged Americans to reinvent themselves into innovation, economic revolution, and invest into the future.    Then came the financial challenges 80% of our electricity from clean energy, invest in businesses of the future like clean and renewable energy. 

He proposed 100,000 teachers, a $10,000.00 tax credit for college students, and to stop expelling students of parents who are illegal immigrants as he push for a law on immigration this year.  This part of the speak included work on American’s infrastructure, 80% access to high-speed rail, 98% access to high-speed internet, and redoubling jobs to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure.

President Obama showed class and courage as he injected health insurance issues that are sensitive to Republicans.  He suggested that both parties should find better ways to execute health care legislation.  He called for spending reduction, a freeze on domestic spending for 5 years, and cuts on all unnecessary spending.  Our standing in the world is renewed; Iraq war is coming to an end, troop coming home from Afghanistan in July.  The President affirmed, “STATE OF THE UNION IS STRONG”.

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