Understanding the American Spirit as Envisioned by Dr. Martin L. King

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Pledging is a wonderful common practice however, as to many blacks it represents a kick in the rump, a spit in the face, and a violent and vicious rape.  Never the less, I must admit that I do pledge allegiance to the flag of America.  As I have grown in wisdom and understanding, I acknowledge that America has something that still belongs to me and every other American, I want her to stay strong and powerful until I gets what belongs to me.  I pledge in the exact words of all Americans but, in the end, I ask God to make sure she gives to me what belongs to me.  I pledge and hold my hand over my heart that she remains rich and free, so that when I’m paid, I can stand besides other Americans and enjoy what she has grown to be.

I was also in the military at the age of 17, U.S. Marine Corps, Viet Nam era.  When I arrived at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California, I was shocked; a group of black Marines was protesting and marching on downtown streets, never seen such power again in black men, however, I said to myself, having marched in Memphis, after the death of Dr. M.L. King,” wow, not again”. In those days, we wore black wrist bands made from shoestrings and had to “dap”, fist tap, each other when we enter another black Marine’s presence.   So, the bottom line is, I’ve put my life up for this great country and still; I want what belongs to me. 

Let me tell you what I want.  I want my share of the wealth, power, and constitutional freedom as all Americans want.  Is that all? No!  I want all of our children taught by the best teachers in the world about capitalism, trade and commerce, and banking and finance, how to be socially responsible, and competitive.  I don’t want to see any separation from other Americans based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sex and age, social, economic, politics, and schools.

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