Congressman Cohen Firm on His Local Issues Statement

Posted on March 19, 2011 by


Congressman Stephen Cohen addressed a concern of some citizens, in the 9th Congressional District, about his statement about his not getting into local issues.  Today, the Congressman post his Congress Newsletter on Facebook were he listed his accomplishments for this week of work on Capital Hill.  Immediately, I asked him, in my comment on his post, if he was flip-flopping, in that, I found in his newsletter what I thought were local issues.  Congressman Cohen responded immediately with an answer of, “No”.  He went on to explain in a soft and moderate way why he didn’t get involved in the local school consolidation battle.  I pressed him as I pointed out this issue was a battle that’s about politics, Republicans vs. Democrats.  And, that I wanted to see our big guns, Congressman Cohen, involved.  This was an interesting dialogue; check out how his supporters jump to his defense before knowing how the dialogue would turn out.  I bet they are surprised.  Don’t they know that the Congressman can defend himself?

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