Kochs lash out at ‘dangerous’ critics, ‘radical’ Obama (via The Fifth Column)

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At last we have found the GOP’s big bucks. These guys are as serious as they come; they would do anything to hurt President Obama and Democrats in general. Let’s not set around and watch them do their dirty work. Democrats must become angry, boycott their products, and send to them a message that we will not accept their conduct.

Kochs lash out at 'dangerous' critics, 'radical' Obama That’s like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black… Politico In lengthy interviews with a conservative magazine, the billionaire Koch brothers mounted an aggressive defense of their business and political interests, describing their liberal critics as “very, very extreme” and “very dangerous” and President Barack Obama as a “radical” with “Marxist” ideas whose success is owed largely to his “silver tongue.” Obama is “the most radical presi … Read More

via The Fifth Column

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