Tea Party’s Search and Destroy Tactics

Posted on March 28, 2011 by


What’s the Tea Party contribution to Americans way of life?  Is this movement one that brings into our culture new ideas equal to those of parties formed during  our great nation?  Or, is it a party bent on divisiveness? 

The Tea Party is waging a battle for control of national policies through direct political means.  Their agenda is destabilization to bring stabilization for their causes.  Their process to buck tradition in many ways; our traditional process is to work together, formulate partnership, and debate in a civil way thereby, allowing full participation in the process.  On the other hand, Tea Party members use tactics reminiscing that of war on their own people.  Their practice is like no other in modern times.  Americans haven’t seen such blatant hate for a President and policies that benefit the life of common and everyday poor especially, during time of great economic stress.  Americans are witnessing a movement that has zero compassion for minorities, those with disabilities, working poor, and Americans requesting civility in politics. 

Tea Party’s leadership is in a search and destroy mold.  They seek out policies that are easy to attack. Most of these policies are legislated for minorities and poor Americans.  By doing so, they are always in the news and visible.  Then, there are points of debate; return the white man’s history to the class rooms, take away State government workers’ right to unionized, micro-management of the Office of President.  Their attacks on these and other issues appear of soft targets; targets that are easily weaken or destroyed.       

The Republican Party is fertile soil for their campaign against President Obama and causes of Democrats that goes back decades.  Their mission is the kill off ½ of American people’s concerns and dreams, of an ever-changing America, for the best life possible.  The Tea Party has evolved into an organization that uses demagoguery, arm twisting, and frontal assaults like that of third world countries political parties and even worst.  Divisive isn’t nearly the proper idea behind their method and philosophy.  They have created an organization and entity that are bent on destroying some of the fundamental fabrics of America way of life.  Anyway, who are these people?

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