President Obama, Libya and the World!

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For all those political haters of President Obama; let’s look at who he is today.  He is one of the most exciting and refreshing Presidents in modern times.  He’s a powerful individual and his love for America is unmatched.  His vision has broadened from his days as a Senator but as President his view of the world can only be seen from Office of President.

Republicans realizes Democrats are lavishing in their victory of taking the Office back and election of the first minority President of U.S.A.  In that, they’re forging ahead what is, seemingly, an unchecked agenda.  Democrats must step up their game, check them wherever they are, and never accept their twisted logic about President Obama.  We can’t allow them to demean millions of Americans and their efforts to elect our first minority President.  Democrats must never forget that our party is the party that gave birth to this idea and has a minority in two of America’s most powerful offices; the Office of President and Secretary of State.  If a woman would ever win the set of power in America; Democrats will be the party that would elect her.

Disillusioned Democrats and misguided Republicans are charging that President Obama has made a major mistake in accepting our responsibility as world super power and leader about the issue of Libya.  How could we stand before the world while taking a position that our might and power is not about saving lives?  America is about democracy and cannot stand by allowing women and children to be killed and murdered by an unchecked army with orders from Libya’s leaders.  

I support the President without any doubt that he is right under his own reasoning, our Nation’s duty as part of the United Nations, and our role in the world.  Republicans are attacking him from every possible angle however, their arguments are always bias.  Of course they would be, they’re on the other side.

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