So, You want to be President?

Posted on April 1, 2011 by


Billionaire Donald Trump and President Barack Obama


How can you come before America with the same arrogance as how your business dealings are?  You have brought about innocent people’s lost and broken hearts as they truly desired to attach your name to their life style.  Now, you want to license your name to the greatest job in the world.  Thousands of people are financially displayed in that you didn’t apply your vast weight of knowledge to your profession.  You should have put aside your name ‘licensing business’ and ‘profit motives’ to tell your customers and investors that the real estate market is dying.  But, instead, you kept their unfounded American dream alive for money.  Mr. Trump, it’s true you have made many people happy as investors, buyers, and sellers but, from your vantage point of real estate you could have help these same associates avoided their inevitable faith.  A billionaire by any means necessary is not the one that America needs as President.

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