April 4th: A Moment of Silence!

Posted on April 4, 2011 by


Memphis is known as home of the blues, home of the king of rock and roll, and home to the entrepreneur of the century, Fred Smith.  Back to 1968, a day the world would never forget.  Memphis, Tennessee would become known throughout the world as home of a disastrous human failure; the assassination of Dr. Martin L. King.  There are questions that haven’t any answers, lives haven’t changed, and hope is still alive.  Their murderous plot failed them in every sense of the words.  Dr. King survived their ugly schemes to demean his good name, to put back his people, and to raise racism’s ugly head. 

Forty three years later; there appear to be an answer to the question of who shot Dr. King. And, the answer is coming out of Memphis.  Radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews introduced Ron ‘Bear’ Tyler to the public last years.  Bear talk on his show about his brother and father’s involvement in Dr. King’s assassination.