The Greatest Political Battle Since the Civil War!

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Over 1,000,000 people, blacks and whites, lost and gave their lives during the civil war.  Some people would like to think that these people died for political reason, I would like to think they died to liberate African-Americans from slavery.   Most of us, today, have no idea the carnage that took place on American soil, in this short war, which reshaped our country into the splendor of that we’re witnessing today.   And, most have no idea about the vast numbers of Americans who were against slavery by any definition of this ugly act.  Now, today, African-Americans have their liberation and are free to choose their future. 

The political climate is as such that our and America’s enemies are waging a furious war to separate America Americans from their glory and political prize in President Obama.   Will African-Americans hold the line or will they break under the press of persistence from the Republican Party?  Would they have the courage like that of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman in this classic movie ‘Glory’?  Will attrition dull their vision of the future and their view of how the world is shaped by their vote?  These question and many more must be answered before the next presidential election but, the campaign is now.

The irony of this political period is that African-Americans know that 12 years of the Bushes and Republicans have left our country bankrupted with failed institutions.  Even knowing this, they have become weaken by the Republicans poisonous, rhetoric, gas.  African-Americans can likely become the laughing-stock of the world if they fail a President that looks like them and one who’s chances of winning was farfetched.   On the other hand, they would become heroes of the world if they are able to hold together their ranks, show wisdom and vision, and achieve greatness.

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