What’s Liberation? And, is it in fact, Real?

Posted on April 11, 2011 by


Whenever men and women speak of themselves as free I raise an eyebrow wondering do they really know what they’re talking about.  In most cases they don’t.  Just suppose that everything you’ve been taught about freedom is wrong.  And, suppose that slavery is alive and well.  What would you do?  Would you change your life style and help to liberate yourself and others?

For thousands of years inspired men and women have tried to liberated people around the world, many of them failed in their effort.  Those who were successful left behind a great people of all nationalities.  These were and are people who raised great civilizations, build monumental structures attesting to their greatness, and they had a love for education without comparison as to those who elected slavery over freedom.  To free a man or woman isn’t in body only.  An insincere liberator would be one who does just that.  To put it another way, he or she isn’t a liberator at all but, an enslaver with a different twist.   

Image, African Americans were physically librated after hundreds of years of enslavement but, never received any kind of reform.  Their freedom is to simply move about the land under the law of land.  These people were never given a lesson or instruction on what freedom means, the conduct of free people, or how free people are live together.  They simply took away from plantations hundreds of years of false knowledge, incorrect meanings of life, and gut feeling wisdom of slave life, combined with slammed religious beliefs, fears, myths and fairytales of all kinds.  These people are hated to the highest degree of hatred but, for a lack of knowledge, believe they are loved. 

Today, in America, we have a continuation of the above facts.  Over thirty million African American people haven’t the same chance at life that six billion people enjoy around the world every day.  They have free bodies but, still today, can’t do for themselves and are totally dependent on aid from government assistance in every aspect of their lives.  These are thirty million people with no trade and commerce among themselves.  They’re 100% consumers of everything and manufacture nothing. 

There’re those who teach that liberation is education, how far from the truth.  Education for African Americans is all about the enslavers’ ways, means, and methods of his power, including layers and layers of more false beliefs as pertained to African Americans’ existence in American and the world.  They are taught hundreds of subjects matter and none of them are directed to what actually happened to African Americans in America.

Liberation of the mind is the truest and purest form of freedom.  Every document that expresses freedom is directly informing the reader about freedom of mind.  Yet, African Americans weren’t and aren’t taught the fundamental and basic elements of liberation.  Why, because there’s a price associated with liberation of the human mind.  The cost of liberating the African American male, in his home and society, is extremely expensive.  However, let’s not forget there’re many stories and parables in scripture that addresses people who were in similar situations as that of African Americans.  Almighty God made a way for them and He’ll make a way for African Americans too.