Philosopher, Dr. Cornell West, Rejected in Groundless Attacks on President Obama’s Record

Posted on April 12, 2011 by


I disagree with about 90% of Dr. West’s Al-Jazeera comments.  I suppose that he is highly upset at the President for reasons that might be unspoken and could be personal.  Back in 1994, Charles Boone, Wali Shaheed, Deke Pope and I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland together.  On the way there, we undertook a very interesting subject of discussion.  We talked about the first black President of America.  The discussion went on for hours as we touched on very serious issues like what would black leaders think, would they support the  President, would they come out against the President, and would envy and jealousy cause distractions as we institutionalize the first black President?  

Dr. West reminds me of that conversation years ago.  Yes, he is a philosopher and an activist but, he’s off base with the President, as he admitted.  He doesn’t possess a cool head and is of working an agenda.  In our conversation to Baltimore I asked what would Colin Powell, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many other so-called black leaders do on this day.  The overwhelming answer was they would coöperate; I disagreed.  Of course, we never thought for a moment that we would have a black President in our life time.

My disagreement is multi-facet; Dr. West hasn’t held political office, he wouldn’t know the first thing about real politics and definitely the Office of President, President Obama is his own man and will never become these guys silver bullet into the white man’s world, He isn’t a socialist, and in two years this man is asking that the President should’ve overhauled America’s policies on every level: senseless.  Furthermore, the President did create jobs for the poor and working class, help middle class family who are losing their homes, helped corporate America stay afloat whiling saving and creating hundreds of thousands jobs, fought, while risking his own political future, as President to give health care to hundreds of thousands of Americans without health care insurance and to revolutionize how health services are delivered.

Dr. West covered the President like a carpet about things that he alleged the President hadn’t done but, I’m sure he remembers that President Kennedy, black folk’s hero, stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you but, ask what you can do for your country.”   Dr. West knows what that means. 

In addition, Dr. West’s attacks are groundless neither of his points are supported by facts.  His rambling attests to one fact; he has no political or social base to stand on.  His arguments are merely conjectures, imaginary, and without historic support. 

The President didn’t lie when he told the world that, ‘only in America his story is made possible’.  Dr. West relied on a story of someone who has a 5th grade education become President of a country.  What hypocrisy, Dr. West knows that President Obama’s election to Office was by divine intervention;  every black man and woman in America, except Dr. West and a few more black leaders, know it’s the truth.