Facebook: A Political Gateway

Posted on April 19, 2011 by


We’re living in a time when not one person can compliant about a lack of communication; a time of massive communication opportunities unlike any other time before us.  We can tweet, blog, email, text, phone, chat, and webbot.  Everyone in the world is trying to capture this enormous chance to get in and stay in touch with as many people as possible.  Social network blogs like Facebook has moved to the front of the class primarily because of a void that left people out of each other’s life.  These blogs connected us in ways never thought of before. 

The Democratic Party and President Obama use these opportunities in the most efficient and effective ways ever.  What’s really surprising is: local politicians are hiding behind the curve.  They would use Facebook to invite their friends to social parties, give a ways, and small talk than to present their political views and give them an opportunity to peep into their vision for the future.  Perhaps they’re afraid that their constituents might get a chance to see how illiterate they are.  But, on the other hand; they might be elected officials with no idea how they won the position.  In other words, they won a political office with no policy change or politics.  These so-called politicians know that if they send a post they would receive instant gratification or instant chastising.  So, what do they do?  They sat on their hands, literally.

Most of these people are playing the ends against the middle and aren’t sincere about their office.   In stark contrast, Tea Party members make their position known on every issue.  They would let anyone know, face to face, about the future they want for America.  Unlike local Democratic Party politicians who appear to be afraid and are refusing to speak-out about their vision for America’s future.  Let’s not forget that all national politics is local; a matter of following your tax dollars.

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