My God; Where is Your Liberty for African American Males?

Posted on April 20, 2011 by


Why do African-Americans put their children away in jails, thinking they’ll obey after they’ve served jail time?  Why do whites fight hard to keep their children free?  One child is no better than the next however, African-Americans simply give up on their children lives easier and whites see their children lives as their future.  Every people in the world know that to empower ‘your’ children is to empower ‘your’ future.

African-Americans hate their sons if they show any signs of rebellion: this is based on black parents’ ultra conservative views.  They have strong beliefs in words and ideas like bad, mannish, disrespectful, arrogant, attitude, mean, and don’t listen.   If their sons and boys have any one of the above behavior situations then, they’re in deep trouble with their parents and likely would lose their lives to crime and violence or even worst; lose the love of their parents.

This insane parental behavior is why over a million men are in prisons and jails across America and why black boys and men are together the poorest group of men and on this so-called urban  “endangered species” list.  Whites love this opportunity to project themselves as the best to administer punishment on African-Americans as a way to warn their sons and boys and at the same time support African-Americans’ ultra conservative views.

African-Americans truly believe that when one of their sons break the law a maximum punishment would fix the crime.  In addition, they believe the punishment must be administered by whites.  The reason behind this corrupt idea is black parents feel embarrassed by their acts of violence and the only way, for the parent, to “save face” is severe punishment.  The only people on the planet that thinks like this is America blacks.

African-Americans would never defend their sons like that of whites who defends their sons regardless of the wrong they have done.  If laws were on the book specifically to jail white parents’ sons they would come together to change those laws and set their sons free. 

All Americans should be concern about the growing population of inmates living day and day out in prisons throughout America.  More particularly, African-Americans must come to the forefront of this growing issue.  There is something strange about jailing men for any small crime as punishment; and, something ugly about the very idea.  Will there be a day, in American, where African-American men would truly find liberty?