Is it Too Late for African-Americans and Their Share?

Posted on April 22, 2011 by


I’m posing to you the most important questions that you have ever answered.  This question is a serious attempt to cause deep thinking.  Your answer would lay a foundation for more serious debate today and for years to come.  This question would also create a wave of other questions from people who would be trying to derail its results.  On the other hand, it would prepare those who are of our best thinkers to train their minds on the inevitable.

Since the days of America’s industrial revolution ethnic groups carved out their share of America’s economy.  Today, this carving is more prevalent than ever before.  Each American ethnic group is known by the industry they control.  These groups build great wealth, their offspring futures, and would fight a war to keep up their control. 

The source of every control is raw materials from agricultural to mining precious metal.  Italian-Americans dominate several industries like pizza, vegetables, and apparel; Korean-Americans industries include hair care products, auto manufacturing, oriental restaurants, and cheap technologies; Arab-Americans are establishing a strong presence in gas stations, neighborhood food retailing, and cell-phone retailing.  Indian-Americans dominate the hospitality industry, et cetera.  These are a small sample of this point of view however, many more groups claim, work, and protect their own industries.

After one has taken this list to its biter end one would come back tired from research and amazed at its end.  However, there will be no mention of African-Americans and industry in the same voice.  Today, we’ll change that.  Let’s all stand and say, “AFRICAN-AMERICAN INDUSTRY”. 

The question: Which industry would best match up to African-Americans to becoming self-sufficient, productive, and a full partner in the American way of life?