Is Donald Trump a Socialist?

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Donald Trump and his followers are out of touch with American values.  Children around the country would hear Donald Trump, potential candidate for President of United States; strew his audience with the F— word.  In fact his audience gave to him a standing ovation.  Trump’s language skills could be used to promote gangster hip-hop and rap music; kids would love that.  They know very well that ones use of profanity is as substitute or absence of knowledge.

Trump has no idea the tremendous power, honor, respect, and dignity of the America people.  He would insult China to bring about negotiations, insult the elected leaders of his own country; where he has enjoyed one of the greatest life styles in the world; his policies would shut the economic boarders of America by attacking an industry, oil industry, without any consideration for free enterprise and/or democracy.  To bring down the cost of any product would become a walk on a constitutional tight rope of rights, as well as, our concept of a free market place if government directly intervenes; which would be communism or if one prefers, “socialism”.

Trump and his Republican right-wing demagogues thinks that to insult and degrade American people, American leaders, and world leaders and their people would bring better international policies than what’s on the table now; how stupid can they be?

Those ideas are in fact the same as socialist’s; Trump and his followers are fighting for socialist values and President Obama is fighting for American values; which side would you choose; American or Socialist?

 Trump’s Las Vegas speech to his supporters

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