African-Americans & The Osama Death Conspiracy?

Posted on May 2, 2011 by


The American people respect all religious beliefs therefore, under the tenets of Al-Islam and its Sharia, natural law; an autopsy isn’t to be performed on a Muslim’s body and it must be buried immediately.  Osama Bin Ladin was found guilty by congress, our administrative, Presidential, institution, and public opinion; his punishment was death.  He had every opportunity to come clean, by standing before the world community giving up his failed organization, Al-Qaida, and emphatically denying all charges of murder and war.

On the contrary, ten years ago; he stood before the world and declared war onAmericaor from his Islamic point of view; jihad!  Americans mustn’t play into the hands of people who smile in our faces and ready, with ease, to place a dagger in our backs.  We accepted the war/jihad of Al-Qaida and Osama but, they must understand; that when the fighting starts American troops, men and women, lives are on the line; they’re willing to give their lives just to get a chance, at your throats.

There isn’t any conspiracy here; Osama is dead, he knew the price that he must pay to launch his ‘New World Order”.  President Obama’s orders were inline with the will of the American people; he didn’t fail them.

African-Americans; they must grow up fast, give up those old emotions, think of their power when viewing the world, accept and understand that because one’s skin isn’t white like that of American Caucasians does mean that he or she is your friend or think as they do.  Many of these people want to see your nation totally destructed and rebuilt into a nation like theirs’, of which you wouldn’t have any place but, another inferior one.  Think, Al Qaida and Osama wouldn’t have given a second thought to killing Americans including black Americans; they would enter into your homes, kill you, and your babies with bombs; like they have throughout the world.  They’re killing people of their own religious beliefs; Muslims; men, women, and children.

My appeal to African-Americans, brothers and sisters, and those who think as we do, wakeup and defend President Obama against those who want to start their own “New World Order” like the right-wing GOP, Tea Party, Palin, Trump, and others out there who want to see our world, America, made much different from what we want.  Today, inside America; we have much bigger political issues to debate than an Osama conspiracy.  Nevertheless, until America raises her oppressed and forgotten, African-Americans would forever have doubt.

President Barack Obama’s Remarks about Osama Bin Ladin