No Bloggers Allowed in Northhaven: A Memphis Subdivision Devastated by Flood Waters

Posted on May 10, 2011 by


The waters of Loosahatchie River have over flooded its blanks creating what seem to be a small lake at Thomas and N. Watkins,
38127.  This area has historically flood after heavy rains but not to this level. Most of the homes to the west of Thomas are mobile homes in trailer parks.  They take a direct hit from high waters causing these families to evacuate several times in the past.  Again, not on the level that’s seem today.  Looking north from Thomas Street the waters have taken homes and businesses.  Mr. James of Davis Garage see a hopeless situation.  His business is shut down and he has no idea what’s next or how long this devastation would last.  He and his dog Yellow are fighting it out together with water up to their “necks”.  Mr. James believes the water is 8ft deep behind his shop and 2ft in the shop.  He also says that no one of an official capacity has stopped by to tell about what he and other business owners’ can expect. 

One official from the Shelby County Sheriff Public Information Dept., Mr. Chip Washington, conducted an official survey of the area with media from, as he put it, “Around the world.”  He was hosting international media about 150ft from the front door of Davis Garage but, didn’t have any idea about what Mr. James was living through.  Mr. Washington, Shelby County Sheriff Public Information Director, stated as he was preparing for another survey with media using a small land and water vehicle, “These people are from around the world; they’re from Japan, Switzerland, etc.; these surveys aren’t for people just walking up.”  Prior to this statement he asked me in a very local way, “What’re you doing here?”  I answered, “I’m a local blogger with Memphis Wireblog covering the effect of our historic flooding on neighborhoods and families.”  Mr. Washington again reminded me, “these surveys are for international media.” He acknowledged that bloggers are media but, not allow to ride along with other media personal on his surveys.

There was one thing noticeable about Mr. Washington; he projected to his international media, a personal favorite local subject of all citizens in Memphis and Shelby County; crime.  He boasts about an unsuspected criminal’s arrest in Northhaven, a small community just west of Thomas St. and N. Watkins; how several cars of patrolmen pounced upon him in seconds.  His international media crew suddenly became localized and sensitized.