Black Family, Homosexuality, and Memphis: What’s in The Mix, Really?

Posted on May 11, 2011 by


This is a real and interesting topic; when I posted several days ago, “If there is a devil then, he lives in Memphis.” I told the truth.   Almighty God allowed me to discover the devil and who it is.  I’ll tell you its identity at a later day and time but now, let’s talk about this devil’s number one wish for black men and boys.  Every since the start of slavery the devil wanted to reduce black men to black stinky mud, of which, is their first creation.  He knows that the best and quickest way to meet that goal is to cause black men (black mind) to lose all knowledge of self thereby, having to depend on it, the devil, for their belief system, life, and human evolution.  In that, the devil gave confusion, ignorance, hatred of self, immorality, laziness in world interest, and approval of fertility worship.

In Memphis there’s an organization that invites black boys, girls, men, and women into wealth and power but, for them to get their hands on it, they must surrender to the devil’s desires.  They must succumb to a total, complete, and false knowledge about the hidden powers of the virginal; that organ responsible for life in all animal form and its ability to produce the greatest that male and female have become.  This worship is about black men and boys acceptance of their narrow role in pro-creation and must succumb to homosexuality to meet a superior position in life, with money and power.  If you can remember, Dr. W.W. Herenton, as Mayor of Memphis, would make a public statement, “There ain’t a punk bone in my body.”  The black girls and women are the targets of their own being; they are the objects of this degrading concept, therefore, the most affected by this disease of the mind; the worship of female.

The devil knows that with mass homosexuality the future of black people is nothing but doom.  He created this mindset to prove to God that man isn’t worthy of his own creation; that God should have kept him as his archangel.   The devil also knows that black people would forever have hatred and suspicion between them, individually and family, and could never united on any common issue about their life in America.

In this city of the devil, everything that you believe to be true about our understanding and views of the woman is wrong.  God is ready to make clear the role of woman and that of man forever.  Nothing ever changes that God put into existence: His will is exact and correct.  God gave man an opportunity to worship Him as a higher authority than any of His created and made things.

Anywhere in America and the world where large populations of black people are, the devil is working hard to change their sexuality.  He offers them wealth and power like he did Jesus on the mount but, Jesus rejected him.  The poor black people are simply followers of a way they have no knowledge of.