Black Memphis “Finger Pointing” Administrators a Greater Problem

Posted on June 3, 2011 by


MATA and CA must take full responsibility for their poor description of Memphis citizens who uses this poorly operated trolley system.  Their public display of Memphis citizens who patronize bus and trolley system is below what would ordinarily be expected in other large cities.  Like most black administrators; they’re busy as bees uncovering any and all suspicious activities of other blacks; true or false.  However, that’s not apart of their job description.  Allison Burton and the CA should be overactive in assisting those who were hurt and who might have ridden as out-of-town visitors; instead of quoting and writing “hearsay” in the morning paper.

Most articles are “down written” intentionally to depict black citizens as thugs, criminals, and thieves.  While everybody else is depicted as citizens one most likely would want to move next door too.  The truth is: While blacks are trapped into a violent life style, they’re not as violent as other people would be living under the same situation.  There’re very few nations where large populations of minorities who’re poor, undereducated, with almost no commercial opportunities, in extremely poor health, and in dept poverty who’re equal to or less violent than black Americans.  Black Americans overwhelmingly do the right things.

It’s time to put the truth on the table; if whites who’re charged with racial insensitive must attend sensitivity classes then, it’s more important that blacks who’re insensitive toward other blacks should attend the same classes.  There’s a quiet and unknown fact that’s growing within “black culture”; separating of black professionals from the general black population thereby, creating another class of blacks who view other blacks as despicable, low-class freaks who only want to cheat their way through life.  In other words, this class of blacks has the same views as their white racist counterparts.  Each hasn’t any regard for the struggles and disadvantages imposed upon millions of black people even as this piece is written.

The black “super class” feels their superiority is evidence that any black person could have achieved success if they “low blacks” would do as they have done.  Again, this thinking has no regard for past and present disadvantages suffered by millions of black people in America.  Nevertheless, a quiet discovery is made: Blacks are unequal and many black professionals are racist; with the exact mindset as white racist.  One small difference exists within the racist black mindset; they want black American to accept, act, and do as they do; become “accepted” black people, and give-up on pioneering what would become liberated Americans with their own set of values, contributing to the American way of life.  In reality, these black professionals are no more than three weeks pay from returning to their black “low class” status.