“Masters of Swagger”, Maze and Frankie Beverly

Posted on June 7, 2011 by


Whereas: Maze and Frankie Beverly have shown, in every aspect of swagger that, within them is the epitome of  class, style, authority, and respect as it pertain to performance and music.

Whereas: Maze and Frankie Beverly process the soul, physique, intelligence, and motor that would guild young men and women into the greatness that’s needed to propel a generation into the 21st century.

Therefore: on this 7th day of June 2011, by the powers vested in me, Memphis Wireblog, I impose upon Maze and Frankie Beverly, the official title “Masters of Swagger”

And, Therefore: This title shall be recognized by all who reads this post, are entertained by the Masters, who are normal and with good mental facilities, and whom, by virtue of their own quality, processes swagger.