Replacing Councilwoman Ware: Memphis’s Future is in Who’s Hands?

Posted on July 1, 2011 by


Every Memphian should weigh in on: who would replace and finish the term of Mrs. Barbara Ware’s seat on City Council.  Citizens of Memphis are facing great challenges as they move into the future on issues like school consolidation, budget adjustments, city development, and demographic changes.  One of the most important issues of all: is there a future in Memphis for blacks in trade and commerce?

Memphians must now start shaping how council’s makeup would influence the future by; appointing and electing people who are visionaries, tough, and sensitive on issues that grow Memphis.   Councils of the future must work on internal will; reaching into Memphis’s homegrown intelligence before importing foreign intelligence when developing and expanding the city’s capabilities.

Leaders in both the public and private domain must setup to the plate as Memphis struggle with an alarming statistic; African-Americans are 70% of Memphis’s population but, own a mere 2% of businesses within Memphis’s enormous boundaries.  Memphis’s failed policies of ignoring blacks in business as of no good or irrelevant, to the city as a whole, have proven nothing but loss.  Memphis’s future depends on how it would reverse its lackadaisical approach to black Memphians entrepreneurial spirit.

Memphians’ intellectual properties are safe in Memphis; kept, protected, and grown in Memphis.