Senseless Killing: Officer Down

Posted on July 4, 2011 by


Memphis Wireblog would like to express its condolences to Officer Timothy Warren’s family on behalf of his last and untimely sacrifice while performing his duty to the citizens of Memphis.

Any job that requires a man or woman to put his or her life in jeopardy and pledge our general community is safe deserves our greatest respect.

Officers witness volumes of crime, hatred, and disrespect every day.  Citizens simply say: it’s their job. Officer Warren, like thousands of officers around the world, wanted to go home after a hard day’s work; kiss his children and wife; live a long life to support them; and wanted to see them grow and become productive citizens in the city where he worked to make it possible.

Many citizens complain about police harassment, brutality, and their toughness.  But, most of these people go home to their family afterward.  Many are able to seek justice in courts and settlements.

In the end, most citizens never can truly understand the job policing which doesn’t include fear.  But, police officers and their family live in constant fear; never knowing when the day would come they will not be coming home, ever again.

Officer and civilian dead after shooting at Downtown Memphis DoubleTree: Memphis Commerce Appeal Newspaper