Contra-Relevance: Blacks’ Internal War

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Like free-flowing water rushing from a high place; recognition hasn’t any obstructions and flows to all that deserves it. Friends and family with cheers, smiles, and love would lift their awardees high upon their shoulders as the rush forges ahead. No doubt, success flows through the blood stream; this shall happen again and again.

Recognition drives the world; one’s associates, family, friends, and strangers are backing up this fine standard of acknowledgement and award. Depending on the level of attention that one received, a greater challenge might be in the works. But; at least, family and friends admire the accomplishment; however, in return, they receive admiration for their interest, and being there for the long haul.

On the other hand, thousands of black Americans are going totally unnoticed, by friends and family, everyday as they make important contributions to all areas of life. Those who would be their detractors might simple say, “They’re doing it for God; they’ll get rewards and acknowledgment from Him”. Or, they’re ignored as worthless.

Is this an attack on prosperity? Or, is blacks subconsciously acting out hatred of self; after hundreds of years of divisive destruction; an era that knocked them back into time by centuries? It’s clear; this behavior is a mimic of how white bosses behave as blacks carry out great things on their job. Either way, must give up this ugly behavior as they enter into the 21st century to become full partners in modern trade and commerce. Blacks must give up this internal war and work together for their own survival. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, and racial inequalities have jointly hurled black Americans back into time a thousand years.

However, a well-known fact exists, even as black Americans are in their worst condition, which is: America is well capable in rebuilding nations and people. Some day America will see true value in building black Americans into world trading partners. In return, black Americans would have a true stake and take responsibility for their own future.