Is the National Debt an Issue for Black Americans?

Posted on July 17, 2011 by


African American History

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The American people aren’t interested in reducing the national debt, really. They’re welcoming the burdening of their children for a thousand years and aren’t interested in reducing the national debt by about 30%.

The American people can’t continue to overlook one of the greatest opportunities in their history: to cut the debt burden on our future.  To free the American people of this burden, trillions of dollars in debt and taxes, would take bold moves.  Everyone alive today, would benefit from this Godly plan: Re-build African-American people into equal partners in industry and commerce.

The results would be astronomical: from reduced welfare dependence to nearly zero crime to a much healthier sociality. The known world as of today, would transform into a much different world in the near future.  Each reduction in social programs, justice dept., and commercial subsidies would equate into billions in reduced taxes.

America must give 40 million people, African-Americans, a right and opportunity to reach every level of the American dream: The highest quality of life in the world.

America must stop “giving” its people fish and bread; start “teaching” them how to fish for their self. In other words; teach black people how to successfully enter into industry and commerce; make opportunities available to them; finance their ideas and then, witness commercial growth unlike any other period in history.  The windfall benefit, to every American citizen, would be astronomical.