What Does Smiley & West with AARP & NEA have in Common?

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Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West are on the “road of discredit” and they seem to have joined the Tea Party ideology against President Obama.  They’re addressing issues, on the road, that seem innocence but, are they really?  These men are working uncover.

S & W, not to be confused with the respected Smith & Wesson arms, are bought and pay for by AARP and NEA.  A week ago Tavis Smiley proudly displays AARP and NEA sponsorship on his website.  This writer contacted AARP and asks, “How did Tavis Smiley get their sponsorship?” Their representative stated that, “He applied for the sponsorship; we share views, so we did it”.  AARP and NEA both are charged and labeled as liberals and extreme liberals.  A negative campaign by S & W would serve these organizations well.

S & W would attack President Obama on the grounds of not speaking the word “poor” and for what they believe he’s doing “wrong” by supporting the middle class over the poor. If they’ve a problem with how the President and the nation respect the middle class, they’ve no idea how important the middle class is to the poor and our national economic well-being.  At the same time, AARP and NEA, by their sponsorship, could shed their liberal identity and project the image of supporting all of their members equally.  AARP & NEA both need S & W to get the liberal label off their backs.  S & W needs AARP and NEA for money and a vehicle around the country, in their attempt, to discredit President Obama.

Dr. West stated that, “President Barack Obama would make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cry.”   These guys refuse to accept that Dr. King never publicly said an ugly word about a President.  He was a man about non-violence in action and words.  Further, Dr. King would have disapproved of such blatant disrespect of anybody with a high moral character like that of President Obama.  He wouldn’t approve of an orchestrated national campaign to tear down and destroy a good man.  In fact, Dr. King would have embraced President Obama; would have applauded his great works and would have connected the President’s election of office to his “I Have a Dream” message.  These men haven’t any respect for Dr. King or his “Dream”.  S & W are coupons of AARP and NEA to be redeemed at a later day.  Nevertheless, their attacks are baseless and without sound underlying principles.

Well, guess what?   As of today, Tavis Smiley’s website doesn’t mention that AARP and NEA as sponsors of his “National Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience”.  Maybe AARP and NEA want to hide their hands while they take part, as sponsors, of a hate campaign against the President of United States of America.

Dr. West called the President, “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”  Whatever that means; nevertheless, these are the same caricatures used by another hate group: the Tea Party.  However, these guys are raking up big money from two corporate giants without taking a side glance.  Perhaps they’ve found a money cow: be black, attack the first black President, and the money just rolls in.

It’s important to know that black voters possibly would become a powerful block vote on the Democratic side, in next year’s election; the master minds behind S & W would design a campaign to marginalize the effect of black voters by injecting doubt and fear.  Thereby, dividing black voters and shaving off their effect on election night: an evil campaign.  Another strategy; get the President to respond to this “poor” campaign then, attack him on grounds for being “weak”.