Where’s #14: The Cleanest Fire House in Memphis?

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Of all the things that’s great about a city; the number one attraction would be fire trucks; weaving their way through traffic; their sirens blasting; engine rev, and the men aboard staring straight ahead as on a ride with destiny.  And, if that’s not enough to grab one’s attention; these huge trucks would shine like new money. 

Millions of children around the country would get their first view of a city, which would become their hometown, through the fire truck.  In fact, these children’s first contact with authority is by the fire truck.

Imagine a contest between Memphis Fire Dept and Memphis Police Dept vehicles; which would you vote as number one attraction, as far as cleanliness?  In times gone by, you would’ve voted the Fire Department; not anymore, those days are gone by. 

Memphis Wireblog found the cleanest fire house in Memphis.  You won’t believe where it is!

Memphis Fire Department property and vehicles are in poor condition.  There’re trucks that haven’t had a cleaning in weeks.  One would look hard to find a clean spot on some trucks.  One can easily figure the state of a city by its property condition.  The first line of impression is Fire and Police Dept. vehicles.  If these properties are dirty and unkempt then one can rest assure the city is in poor condition financially and other wise.  On the other hand, if they’re well kept then, one can rest assure that both city leadership and fiscal policies are strong. 

The cleanest fire house in Memphis, TN is Fire Station #14, 980 E. Mclemore Ave. 38106 near College Street: known as the heart of South Memphis.  Their fire trucks shine from top to bottom and everywhere in between.  This writer watched those firemen clean their trucks as if they’re awaiting the arrival of the Mayor.  After talking to the lieutenant there, it became obvious why this station and its equipment are top of the line.  He said, “Every morning all equipment is checked and cleaned”, including the trucks; that his mentor, his earlier lieutenant at another station was old school and demanded that equipment is clean.  Cleanest Fire House in Memphis

It would be a good thing if the Mayor dropped in on various departments to do spot inspections of our equipment then, honor those who hold the highest standards of upkeep and cleanliness. 

Short of that; citizens should stop by Fire Station #14 and thank them for a job well done.

Congratulations Fire Station #14!