Can Edmund Ford Sr. lead Memphis?

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There are those who believe that Memphis is the worst city in the nation and there’s nothing that can be done about it; not so, says Mayoral candidate Edmund Ford Sr.  His vision for Memphis was well laid out during his campaign kickoff this week.   An impressive crowd of about 300 core supporters attend his kickoff; along with the traditional “time for change” theme; Mr. Ford made it perfectly clear that it’s time to “Turn off A.C.” His passion for change came through as he pointed out the city’s blight, crime, and present administration’s problems with labor unions; he would have an open door policy at city hall, and create a transparent government among other things.

He established his commitment to the city by reminding the crowd that he has served two terms as city councilman. Mr. Ford: two term councilman, long time business owner, committed family man, and a man who says, “I start nothing until I give thanks to God.”  Is this a man who can lead Memphis into change and the 21st century?

Mr. Ford picked up two very important endorsements during his kickoff; Memphis Police Association, V.P, Michael Williams,, delivered a passionate talk about Mayor A.C. Wharton’s administration failure to honor the city’s contracts. AFSCME, National Field Service Director, Mrs. Shelley Seeberg,, invoked Dr. King’s fight for Memphis’ sanitation workers and how Mayor A.C. Wharton’s administration failed them. Also present was Councilman Edmund Ford Jr. and Kemba Ford, candidate for City Council Dist. 7. 

Edmund Ford Sr. is poised to put up a good contest for Mayor of Memphis with his full-time support of Thaddeus Matthews and his WPLX radio station. Mr. Matthews, in his traditional investigative ways, would work as Mr. Ford’s consultant by presenting to his radio listening audience various examples of Wharton’s administration failures.

As a business owner who have created jobs and knows how important it is in meeting payroll; a past city representative and legislator; a devout family man; a believer in religious inspiration: with all of Mayor Wharton’s short comings, can Edmund Ford Sr. lead Memphis into prosperity?

Mr. Ford held his wife in high esteem as foundation of his life and that citizens of Memphis would get “two for one” when he’s elected.  One can’t overlook the fact; this family is organized and tightly together.

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