Leaders of our Time: Martavius Jones and State Rep. Karen D. Camper

Posted on September 7, 2011 by


School Board Member Martavius Jones

During a conversation with School Board President, Martavius Jones and district 87 State Representative, Karen D. Camper information flowed like the mighty Mississippi. In many ways, listening to these two leaders forces one to reflex on what a great city Memphis would become with people in leadership who’ve their minds focused about the future.  Mr. Jones knows what he wants; has laid a political foundation based on knowledge, vision, and a commitment to see it through.  Mr. Jones’ honesty, courage, and “down to earth” approaches to complex issues were revealed.  In addition, he’s relentless in his drive for excellence.

Sometimes in a society’s history a great opportunity emerges; “the personification” of political excellence; when this happen, everyone must strive to support it.  A movement emerges as well, that transcends political party affiliation, social structures, and academic status; don’t mention race, it’s about the mind.  To be more specifying, Mr. Jones is more than qualified to accept acclaim in his rights to lead.  Memphis, Shelby County is posed to lead the nation; has been for decades, however, time is right at this moment to make it a reality.  Understand, change comes through people and people have to accept their role in change.  Mr. Jones is in the forefront of change, he and those who supports him must move forward our city.

State Rep. Karen D. Camper