Ancient Bias Language: “Blacks Don’t Know; Whites Know”

Posted on September 20, 2011 by


One of the greatest of all ugliness is to continuously label the first African-American President of America as a “Don’t know” President.  The Tea Party Grand old Party (TPGOP) is using a dangerous and ugly strategy that hurt Americans to the core.  Nevertheless, African-Americans accept the fact that President Obama is one of the most intelligent men of world leadership; and, as the most powerful leaders in the world he deserves respect.  The TPGOP is determined to deny African-Americans and majority of Americans this wonderful joy. 

Why would the TPGOP take this position? It works!  Since the days of Jim Crow laws in the south and before, African-Americans have lived with these and other ugly labels, that’s hundreds of years of degrading, derogatory language, and concepts that’s geared to hurt and breakdown their self-respect, pride, and worthiness.  

On most job sites and corporate offices across America; African-Americans would always find themselves trapped in the “Know Syndrome” like:  I know; you don’t know; how do you know; what make you think that you know; etc.  Regardless of their tries, it’s never enough; one still doesn’t know.  Even if one invents a new way or product; one isn’t credit with the invention.  African-Americans have lived with this sick syndrome for generations; it’s not a figure of one’s imagination; it’s real.

If one would reflect, with his or her own eyes and ears would see and hear The TPGOP’s modern attack against African-Americans, using the “Know Syndrome” tactics.  Perhaps, the TPGOP knows that a large sector of America still is affected by this label that has had great success in deterring African-Americans.  At least, cause them and others to second guess President Obama’s decisions or look deeply into his mind; if the President was another color this “know syndrome tactic” wouldn’t apply.

Is this attack against African-Americans a subtle invasion into the hearts and minds of a political exploited people? Yes!  Are there other Americans exploited this way too? Yes!  What hurts is: TPGOP, by the fact they’re employers and business owners in power, know their attacks should bring down America’s first African-American President; by creating social pains, African-Americans and other poor Americans would long question their decision to hire an African-American as President of the most powerful nation on earth.  The TPGOP is rushing towards the edge of America’s most racist ideas and policies; open and notorious reshaping America into a “flat” world.