Dangerous Game: MPD and Memphis Politics

Posted on September 29, 2011 by


What happens to a city when its institutions lose respect for its leaders?  What happens to a city when its leaders fail to respect its institutions?  Don’t answer these questions its unimaginable the outcome.  As citizens of Memphis, this great and historic city, we can’t stand-by and watch her die.  It’s our civil and moral duty to step-in; our city’s survival depends on us.  There seems to be an ever evolving list of negatives that’s strangling Memphis’ image; from leaders who just can’t get it right to situations and events that place an extremely dark cloud over our city. 

Memphis and Terrell, Ark might have something in common; issues surrounding this very small city, about 40 miles across the bridge, about their Police Dept. forced its Mayor into resignation.  Their city council got involved by micro-managing the Police Dept. and its officers; started to make public comments about the Police Chief and how the Dept. operated; and among other things, broke down the effectiveness of the system .  This in turn; caused citizens to lose respect for the Chief of Police and his Department.  The city shut down and the County government step in.  Ironically, all parties involved in their decision-making process were African-Americans.

Our present administration is playing a dangerous game.  Memphis is far too large and has a huge crime problem to have our Police Dept. caught in the middle of political bull.  If we can’t pay for anything else and is bankrupted, we must pay for our security and protection.  Our present administration must get it right. 

Memphis is a powerful city with gigantic problems; we need leaders, men and women, who have super strong comments to this city.  They must have a will to lead; the courage to face obstacles that might be unpopular; give-up their personal ambitions to the city’s best interest; refuse to allow this great city to take another step backwards.  If our city must take a backward step it would’ve taken 10 steps forward.