2012: Tea Party’s GOP Wins Big!

Posted on October 10, 2011 by


Click this photo to learn more about the powerful Koch brothers.

TPGOP moves to cut Social Security so that seniors can fend for themselves; says the Dept. of Social Security is bankrupt and wasn’t intended to be a permanent solution for ill prepared retirees.  As to “it’s their money” says, “Not anymore.”  They overturned the Health Care Plan and returned it to a more degrading plan that allows anyone to die who doesn’t have health insurance.  In addition, would remove all books that reference white men in a negative way.  Replace them with books that speak of white men in context leaving nothing, if possible, which would show their ugly characters, if any. 

A move is made that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in America if they would agree to work for a super rich corporation 5 years: free.  If they refuse then, Homeland Security must round them up and send them to Africa.  When that motion was made and past, they immediately turned their attention to issues that affect African-Americans, as if those above issues didn’t.  Starting today, African-Americans and poor whites must pay 1/3 of paychecks to a super-corporation of their choice, as a citizenship fee.  They must create an account with their super-corporation for protection; the federal government is reduced to 1/10 of its original size.  All food, products, and commodities must come from their super-corporation.  African-Americans wouldn’t be allowed health insurance; they must stay healthy or die.  They wouldn’t be able to drive cars without permission of their super-corporation.

Taking a phrase from a super-corporation “Rolled Back”, all government regulations, oversight, and investigations of super-corporations are “Rolled Back”. 

All world leaders must set up a good relationship with a super-corporation of their choice or they’re bombed back into time a thousand years– TPGOP foreign policy.

All white schools must add a Sara Palin’s Political Philosophy and World History courses to their curriculum. All black schools must add a course on Why Slavery is Important.  The federal government would add 5 million more police to the streets of America; it’s the only way to stop protesters.  TPGOP says, they are good for America and the country would realize a growth period unlike any in history; that every America should be happy.

The Star Spangled Banner would include, “Oh, say can you see by the, super-corporation, dawn’s early light”.  The flag colors would be redefined:  the red would represent names of each super-corporation in America; the white would represent their chairs of the board. 

Is this a joke?