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During the months of organization, by young Americans, before President Obama’s election to office; no one knew what was happening.  Again, no one knows what’s happening months before President Obama’s re-election.  Occupy Wall Street phenomenal is radical motion that seems to have no direction but its implication is over-powering.  That’s why powerful media moguls and savvy leaders of all persuasions are sticking their hands in to define this modern-day phenomenal.  It’s their belief that whoever correctly defines OWS’s intent would reap a financial and political “golden” windfall.   

In OWS’s radical nature nothing is common and all normalcy is locked out.  This condition ensures a high rate of survivability; there is no head to cut off or no one to hold responsible.  OWS’s creators are anonymous and its organizational structure is constantly changing color in that, as the movement evolves its purpose or purposes and organization would blossom when the right environment is achieved; then and, only then would its true mission unfold.

OWS has successfully followed the rules of engagement; it has clearly defined its primary target: corporate greed. It has set up protest and boycott: Wall Street financial district.  It has presented its demand: narrow the divide between rich and poor.  One thing that OWS hasn’t done is of great importance; it hasn’t anyone to present its case to; thereby, opening a door to the rightful owner/s of the issue who must step forward and accept the offer.

Occupy Memphis, First Steps!

The question is: who would break first?  Would OWS give up and declare a mistake or will the owner/s of the issue step up to the plate?  OWS knows that time is not of the essence but, time isn’t on the side of the owner/s.  They must make money and profit; anything that interferes with this process must be address immediately.  If all owners agree to never give in, they couldn’t hold together; their motivation for profit is the only element that would hold them together; the sheer size of greed would break their backs.