Herman Cain’s “999” Economic Plan: the Price of a Medium Pizza?

Posted on October 17, 2011 by


Besides being a joker or having an overblown sense of humor; Mr. Cain is a serious marketing mogul; he fully understands the American consumer.  Consumers come face to face with numbers daily in making purchases of all kinds of products.  In most cases, one can almost guessed the price of an item without knowing the exact cost of it.  Why is this true?  Consumers are full of numbers and value.  An executive on top of their marketing game knows this to be the truth.  The questions are: how to convert this secret knowledge into political capital; to produce, package, and market a political idea to the American people without them knowing that it’s just another marketing game? 

Let’s be honest about a few things before continuing with the subject.  The above statements are easily understood and can be accepted as fact.  However, if today is a period of serious examination of political views, value, and ideas then, all politicians must face scrutiny of the watchful eye.  Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley must go after another first African-American leader, Mr. Herman Cain.  He is the first to achieve a very high place, as the frontrunner, in his campaign for President of United States of American, on the Tea Party’s GOP side of the political spectrum.  However, there hasn’t been a word spoken by these two savvy political commentators about Mr. Cain’s game. 

Most consumer product pricing avoid an exact price formula; like $5.00, $7.00, or $10.00.  They more than likely would price at $4.99, $6.95, or $9.95.  What the average price of a medium pizza? The average price of a medium pizza is $10.00 however, if one make a purchase of this medium pizza the adjusted based price would be guessed what: Nine Dollars and Ninety Nine Cents ($9.99) or somewhere there about.  Is it possible that Mr. Herman Cain has converted his knowledge about consumer marketing strategies into a success political strategy?  Yes, also, it points to the genius in Mr. Cain.  Let’s make one thing clear: on the day of commemoration to Dr. Martin L. King’s memorial both party leaders are black.  Mr. Cain is the defacto leader of the Tea Party’s GOP.  It would be a great day in America if both men President Obama and Mr. Cain are put up by the America people to run for President of America. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Cain’s gimmick is wrong and dishonest; he’s running a campaign using a simple product marketing technique.  His 999 economic formulas are an airbag.  He has taken numbers that are well accepted by consumers and put his political twist to them as a formula that would turn the economy around.  Americans want more than a dress-up package priced at $9.99 with only air in it.