An Open Appeal to Occupy Memphis

Posted on October 24, 2011 by


Occupation Civil Center Plaza

Occupy Memphis is unlike any other movement by Memphis’ unique and historic racial problems however, hope isn’t far off. The bizarre is closer than we think: everyone is notoriously aware of what’s going on. Yet, the smart is too smart to solve the problem even though it’s his/her greatest desire; as our city continue to sink into the abyss of ancient conflicts of flesh hatred.

So what if one stumbles over the communication cables but, is understood. Man isn’t intending, by God, to be un-equal nor is he in more degrees of understanding than others. This point alone destroys the imaginary of 1%’ers as they forge an unequal balance for wealth. Let’s not forget that anger and hatred live somewhere; if they’re real then, they live in Memphis.

Almighty God wants to break the back of ugliness, as it lives in Memphis too. That’s why He allowed Dr. King’s death to occur in Memphis, of all other places on earth. If you’re a part of this great movement, Occupy Memphis, then heads-up, we have a

Civil Center Plaza

job to do! 😦