Memphis: Master of Logic Defy; How Tea Party and Occupy Memphis Stole the Show?

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Only in Memphis: Occupy Memphis members are ejected from a radio talk show:  three members of Occupy Memphis takes part in a Tea Party meeting: And, the Mayor of Memphis support Occupy Memphis with open arms.  What in the world is going on in Memphis, Tennessee?

Memphis is home of the Blues, Elvis Presley, Beale Street, National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis Grizzlies, and one of the biggest pyramids in America.  Memphis is also homes of the poorest people in the country, Dr. Martin L. King’s assassination, and FedEx. 

Last week two strange things happened: one: two of three members of Occupy Memphis were violently ejected from radio station WPLX, AM1180 and, two: three members of Occupy Memphis attend a Tea Party meeting. 

Three occupation members were excited to get a chance to present occupy ideas on a “black radio” station.  Their thinking was: if black members of the community are properly informed, they then would take an active role in Occupy Memphis.  What happened as two members, Gordon (white) and Dr. Sous (black female) took their setting is baffling.  A third member, Talut, wasn’t allowed to the mic and was told to have a set on the opposite side of the room.    

Occupy Memphis

Gordon is one most intelligent, honorable, and insightful men one would ever meet.  He’s straight in his views and on point in his opinions.  He’s hard on bias people but, never ceases in educating them about their fellow-man.  Gordon created an acronym that’s mind boggling to say the least: SWAMPs: Straight White Male Privilege beneficiaries; also see Marginalization in forum; Marginalization is one of the most read threads with over 4400 views.  Gordon is a compassionate man who seems to swell when listening to one’s life story; however, he’s an Occupy Memphis peace keeper and takes his assignment seriously.   

Dr. Sous is one of the most vocal women about and against SWAPs and marginalization.  She holds her own when fighting against any sighting of bias behavior.  She approaches her fellow occupiers from an angle that sometimes seem abrasive but, her message is crystal clear.  She advocates African-American inclusion on all level and demand sensitivity as to avoid marginalizing anyone, regardless of qualify of life.  She once shared, in a group, a life story about seeing her mother and father beating, by police, without a second of compassion and then, stated that maybe, that’s why she’s unwavering about how black people are marginalized by others. 

Gordon presented his opening statement: which included, “The Occupy is open to all citizens and non-citizens.” The radio station host Mr. Thaddeus Matthews immediately pick-up on the “non-citizens” part of statement and then asked, “How a “non-citizen” could come against the government?”  Being visibly shocked and perhaps, unprepared for such a question, after a simple statement about how Occupies include everyone, Gordon hesitated and then, Dr. Sous attempt to answer, but didn’t satisfy Mr. Matthews’ question.   

Mr. Matthews’ determination and forceful persistence about the question, gave way to confusion.  At this point, Dr. Sous decided to try cleaning up the confusion by stating that ignorance is why …; she wasn’t given a chance to finish her statement.  Mr. Matthews assumed that she was leading toward calling him ignorant.  It’s possible that she would’ve lead to the public’s ignorance and not Mr. Matthews’. 

In an audible profaned shout that further confused and shocked the Occupy members, Mr. Matthews ordered them out of his radio station.  Still shocked, Gordon and Dr. Sous didn’t respond quickly enough to his order.  That led to more violence and, finally in locked arms, they spoke to the audience in open mic, “Occupy Memphis!”, “Occupy Memphis!”  Talut, right or wrong, remained behind to share information about the occupy movement and its effect on society. 

In the same week: three Occupy Memphis members broke a possible silent and unspoken notion, as it pertains to Tea Party and Occupy movements, by attending a meeting of the Tea Party.  This meeting has quickly become a fire storm of controversy.  In just a few days, it has reach far and wide, is a national news topic, and has gone viral.  People on the two political extremities are asking, what if; about the Tea Party and Occupy? 

One of the African-American Occupy Memphis members has posted a deep and painful appeal on forum: titled, “The Tea Party wants a “Hook-up” with Occupy”.  The question is: With the Tea Party having a terrible track record, as far as African-Americans are concerned, would they ever get over this obstacle?  Or, would African-American Occupy members simply “block” any efforts to join the two organizations?  It’s very likely; the three members didn’t have an idea about what their present at a Tea Party meeting would bring or their consequences.  The fact is: the Tea Party and/or its members gave an invitation and these three accepted.  It’s likely; the Tea Party leaders knew the consequences.  Nevertheless, the idea of coöperation is on the table and is now a hot debate.

What does the Mayor of Memphis know? When did he know it?  And, why is he cooperative with Occupy Memphis?  Occupiers around the country are struggling against their local governments to occupy public space while, Occupy Memphis is enjoying a great relationship with its city administration.  Mayor Wharton is doing everything possible to accommodate Occupy Memphis.  Maybe, Mayor Wharton truly understands, as an attorney, what civil disobedience is?  And, why it’s important to allow citizens to express their political views.  Maybe, he knows that in Memphis; the home of Dr. King’s assassination and the National Civil Rights Museum, a violent confrontation against those who’re expressing fundamental rights would be a very bad idea.  A confrontation against Occupy Memphis would damage tourism, a prime income stream of Memphis.

Civil Center Plaza

Unlike occupies throughout the nation; Occupy Memphis is posed to make great contributions to the city. It’s able to plan and educate its members about things to expect as they move into the future while, “Re-Making the World”.