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SousTalk will provide information about healing and health maintenance utilizing all natural techniques. Topics including Scoliosis, Genetic/Ethnic Propensity for Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Detoxification,  Lactose Intolerance,  Dietary Fats, and Conquering Cigarette Addiction are planned. 

Dr. Sous is a local private organic Chef. This 5 star chef boasts mastery of kosher, various ethnic, vegan-vegetarian, and Southern American cuisines, to which she brings a distinct gourmet flair and extensive knowledge of healing foods. She offers designer menus and service for small special occasions and dinner parties, especially entertaining at home. She conducts exquisite Wine Dinners/Tastings,  Chef’s Tables, and other fund-raising events which include  a mixologist/sommolier. She provides medically-sensitive gourmet meals for clients with acute recovery or chronic-illness concerns by special order. Her “care packages” for college students and sick/shut-ins, and her fresh-baked cookies and gift cakes for delivery are legendary.  

Dr. Sous’ HEALTHY LOIVING CLUB is a program designed for Baby Boomers who want to attain/maintain ideal body weight and fitness level while living/loving their best life. It  personalizes a daily diet and exercise plan for each client creating a customized lifestyle for easy maintenance of good health.  All aspects of the program are reviewed by a medical doctor with consultation with your personal healthcare provider when indicated or requested.  

We use the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to determine each client’s daily calorie need. A custom gourmet menu is designed from your personal list of favorites, and with careful attention to food allergies, medical history, etc. The three meals and two snacks thus  prepared to the reflect this calorie total are delivered to the club member, freshly cooked, each day.

Nutrient-rich meals using locally grown, seasonal, and certified organic products including milk ( goat’s milk, soy milk and nut milk for the lactose-intolerant),  produce, and eggs, and humanely raised/killed heritage chickens, grass-fed beef, lamb, and pork are prepared daily. (Organic growers do not employ hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, artificial fertilizers, or any substance known to be harmful to plants, animals, or soil. They are committed to renewable sources of water, and energy.) We use only whole-grain unrefined flours, and fresh or frozen vegetables and herbs. We use polyunsaturated fats and nut oils supplementary to organic butters and ghee. We never use artificial flavorings or preservatives. Our sweeteners are natural ones such as honey, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, or turbinado sugar. All breads and pasta, including  gluten-free, and all condiments are made in-house. 

The daily menu contains the calories required to maintain ideal BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) or, if desired, a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week, when coupled with an individual exercise plan. The individual exercise plan includes three 90 minute sessions of assisted training (30 minutes of aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of stretch and meditation, including yoga) each week. The length of the program is up to the client, but six weeks is recommended. With the six weeks package, a twenty pound weight loss is guaranteed and two cooking lessons with Dr. Sous conducted in your home using recipes from your favorite program dishes are included.

The day one menu for next week can be found at the end of this post. It will be updated daily Monday through Friday on the MemphisWireBlog Home Page.

Dr. Sous also serves as chair of the Fund Raising Committee of  the MOTHeErR Group*.  The group’s Babycakes Neighborhood Bakery and the baked goods and specials sold on its behalf will be featured here weekly. 

For the holidays, thru January 20, 2o12, Babycakes will feature:

 Red Velvet Cheesecake, Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Sherried Fruitcake, Lane Cake, Caramel Italian Cream Cake, & Filled Eggnog Cookies and Mexican Piggys.        

Special Holiday Sides in orders of six or eight servings include Sweet Potato Souffle’ with Maple Meringue, CornBread Pudding with Turkey Giblet Gravy, and Sun-dried Tomato Pasta and Cheese. Cranberry Conserves are available in 4 and 6 ounces. We are offering our special Egg Nog Gelato this season in small and large sizes!

Our Parker House Rolls, Angel Biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy, Corn Madeleines, and Rainbow Cookies, Hazelnut Fig Biscotti, Chocolate Striatta Cookies, Ginger Trips, and Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies, Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes, as well as our Tamales, Empanadas, Cha Gios, and Hand Pies are always available.

Orders for delivery M – F, Noon – 4PM taken at


Here is Monday’s menu for The Dr. Sous Club December 12 -16 2012:

1600 -1800 kcal/day

Breakfast –  Whole grain waffle with maple butter or tofu scramble w/toast

Lunch – Velvet corn soup with crab.  Half wine-poached pear.

Dinner – Winter salad with endive, pinola puree’,  figs, olives,  and tarragon.  Heritage chicken palliard w/ wild mushroom ragu and baked sweet  potato          

Dessert – Slice of Buttermilk Pie

Snacks include gluten-free chocolate or peanut butter cookies, granola bar, or free foods ( raw veggies, pickles, some fruits)

Join the club. New members being accepted now for food delivery starting January 9, 2012.

 Schedule your interview at today! 


*more about this remarkable group of women who help other women to “be who  YOU want to be” in next week’s SousTalk  post.