Death for Christmas in North Shelby County: The Killing of Bruno

Posted on December 29, 2011 by


Just 3 days after Christmas a brutal and vicious crime brought a family to their knees; murder found its way to their home.  A quite neighborhood in north Shelby County, 5031 Belfast, Memphis, TN 38107 is where Bruno lost his life by a gunshot that torn his body to pieces. 

"Not Bruno", photo of an American Staffordshire Terrier


About 8:30am a shot was heard by Teresa Payne as she lay in bed; she didn’t realize that death had arrived until her dog barked repeatedly as a warning of trouble.  Teresa decided to go outside to inspect; that’s when she found a member of her family, Bruno, dead, in his yard near the sidewalk.  Bruno had a gunshot wound that appeared to a shotgun blast to his back; his blood wasn’t found on the street or sidewalk. 

Bruno’s body and size agreed with his name; he was big, strong, and powerful but still just a big baby.  When he would walk into a room everyone would take their places and barely moved; nevertheless, even thought his look was menacing, Bruno wouldn’t harm a fly. 

Bruno, American Staffordshire terrier, pit-bull, was only 11/2 years old; why would someone kill him?  The killer is inhumane and hasn’t any sense of reality about the danger that threatened Teresa’s entire family; the shotgun blast that killed Bruno fired towards their home where children were inside.  The killer knew this, but still, without regard fired.  Whoever attacked and killed Bruno would again attack and kill, but the next time it might be your dog or you. 

Sheriff Deputy, Officer Cutlass, took a report, but informed Teresa that he couldn’t do anything; not even an investigation thought a bullet is inside Bruno’s body; no one has identified the shooter.  The Humane Society has taken the same position as the Sheriff.  Isn’t it contradictory, to arrest someone  believed to practice dog fighting, but to shoot a dog results in no law enforcement actions, nothing at all?  Maybe, it’s about which segment of the community the family lives.