Ron Paul’s Un-Presidential Positions: Would he Serve and Protect all Americans?

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Is Ron Paul right or an example of modern-day political bullshit?  Ron Paul’s exercise of SWAMP (Special White Male Privilege) allowed him to dip into the minds of slaves.  His statements about those enslaved and their inability to revolt might hold up if he didn’t interject his racist superiority.   Maybe, slaves were a bit more intelligent than Ron Paul, their enslavers, and the southern slave machine could imagine and fathom.    

Here’s a photo of my mother’s, Mrs. Emma M. Gale, grandfather, Mr. Raleigh Campbell, he and my great-grandmother were enslaved in their youth and so-called purchased in Raleigh, North Carolina and transported around or near Starkville, Mississippi.  I’ll envision what their lives might have been, during those godless days of slavery, in the south.  It’s likely they would’ve done whatever needed to keep their children safe; it’s highly likely they couldn’t read English nor had full knowledge of the powers that dominated their lives.  But, they knew God (the Natural God), they must put their trust in this God, and there is a future in their children. 

Mr. Raleigh Campbell

There’s an arrogant veil in Ron Paul’s attempt to correlate early and modern slavery.  He fails in every sense of the word; not taking into account the machine of slavery, its armed forces (militia), greedy capitalist, captives in an unknown land; owning nothing, couldn’t read or write English, etc, etc, etc.  Yes, they revolted in ways those inhuman enslavers couldn’t perceive.  In fact, they never harvest more than 30% labor from slavery but, that small amount produced the material wealth that made America the nation that it is today.  Think what America would be today, if these people had worked on their own accord, without a brutal merciless slave industry.  Nevertheless, Ron Paul compared a perceived “modern slavery” to a real era of American history, which belittles its effect on millions of lives lost to an evil slave industry including those of whom Ron Paul speaks of as slaves today.  

My great parents did as millions of others; made the best of their lives realizing that life is what Almighty God made for them, but what the enslavers didn’t know is that within my parents soul and mind is millions of years in knowledge, from the great continent of African, about how they would live with the earth and make peace with the great power of God.  My parents also knew that  power is flimsy, even if it takes a thousand years in the working; power changes.  Ron Paul is wrong to think that all white people have the same ideals about the world and that all whites feel as if they gave the enslaved their freedom.  If they all had gotten together on Mt. Sinai to keep the oppressed in check, they would’ve failed. 

Superiority based on color or knowledge could never stand; the human spirit would never rest while its creation is under attack.  If skin color could decide superiority; intelligent creatures, as depicted superior to man, imagined from other planets, skin color would be white.   If there is superiority, then it’s best worship in Almighty God.  Superiority based on knowledge is that of a teacher’s superiority over a student; how long does that last? 



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