How Entrepreneurs changed the Internet from User Content to a Business Content Driven Concept

Posted on January 18, 2012 by


In the old days of the internet it was then simply an opportunity for anyone to research, post, and dream of what this new thing, the World Wide Web, would be.  One would pay a fee for access and then, the information world would open.  Mind you, what it would become, no one knew; that’s why savvy business entrepreneurs undertook to define the internet, as a business conduit.  But, I subscript to the idea that it’s a public driven conduit; once the fee is paid one would have paid the price of all content regardless of if it’s for sale or not.   Once one enters a business motive site a relationship is established between the owner and visitor.   That’s why any effort to regulate the internet is an effort that would take away power from the majority (the people) and give it all to a minority (entrepreneurs) in the name of “Intellectual Property”.

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