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Mr. Turner Clayton, Chairman of Sanford's NAACP


Contrary to recent public statements to the media made by city officials of TrayCity, USA (nee Sanford, Florida) and iterated by neighbors of George Zimmerman sympathetic to his plight, the hiring of Bill Lee as Chief of Police did very little to “help calm the racial tensions” fueled by a history of discriminatory policing in that city. Closer perusal of Sanford reveals a city with a legacy of police bigotry common in Florida cities. The issue was a locally prominent one and apparently problematic enough to warrant address by city leaders. Objective evidence supports the assertion of many citizens that Black candidates well-qualified for the position were overlooked in order to hire Bill Lee. According to Mr. Turner Clayton, local chairperson of the Sanford branch of the NAACP, the selection of Bill Lee is an example of the “incompetency that surfaces in return for overlooking more qualified candidates of color” for placement in positions of power in the city. He further explained that “two highly qualified applicants, a Black male and a Black woman”, were rejected in the hiring process in favor of Bill Lee. Chief Lee has subsequently demonstrated that he is “over his head” in the position as head of the police training academy, as there exists a history of failure of his trainees to execute proper police work on a consistent basis.

Chief Bill Lee and Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr




Citizens of TrayCity unanimously agree that reorganization of the police force, not exempting the mayor’s office, is required to “clean up” this mess. They strongly aver that all city administrators “must go”, resign or be removed. They call for accountability from the top (the chief of police) to the bottom (the initial investigating officers who failed to make a proper arrest). They echo the sentiments of President Barack Hussein Obama who said that the parents of Trayvon Martin deserve to know that we as Americans will give all the serious attention to this matter that it deserves.




Citizens of Sanford: Annette, Andrea, Tonnetta, and Jeanett