Trayvon Martin “True Due Process”?

Posted on March 31, 2012 by


Mothers on The Frontline

The line is drawn in the sand. Some of Florida’s best criminal law minds are meeting – coming together either on the side of justice or siding with the devil.  Robert Zimmerman, former Virginia Supreme Court justice and father of the notorious George Michael Zimmerman of TrayCity, USA, is fighting a sophisticated battle to salvage what is left his son’s life.  George Zimmerman fired a fatal gunshot that took the life of young Trayvon Martin about a

Two boys fighting against “terrorism” as they enter the March 26, hearing in Sanford.

month ago and is now under public suspicion of depraved murder motivated by wanton racial profiling.  This past week has seen the Zimmerman family and their legal and political cohorts continue the total disregard for Trayvon’s life as they mount a campaign to denigrate the dead youth, paint him “darkly” as a “threat” to the peace of his community, and cast doubt about George Zimmerman’s murderous mind-set that was evident for months preceding the unlawful stalking, then killing of an unarmed, innocent child.  The fact remains that one family’s son is dead and buried and the other family is fighting to keep an accused murderer free, alive, and well. 

The murder of Trayvon Martin is a national crisis; it further divides the nation, pitching “good” against “bad”.  As masses align for “justice for Trayvon”, in their minds substituting the names of people close to them who fit his story, the powerful and wealthy are aligning themselves as guardians of the status quo. 

In other words, the “elite” of Sanford, Florida and their national counterparts just can’t imagine a white judge’s son going down for the death of a Negro boy. The insidious institution of white supremacy cannot allow the equation of these two lives. The scripted goal of the posse gathered around George Zimmerman seems to be to convince the public that Trayvon, like every Black man or boy who has ever died in America at the hands of white men, deserved to die and his crime was not dying fast enough.  Florida Governor Rick Scott said, “… We have got to have ‘true due process’ for the accused, and this individual still is not even accused.” Read more: How many times in America have you heard a similar call for “true due process” for crimes against Black America?  What is “true due process” in America anyway?

At March 26, Trayvon’s parents delivered to a hearing over 2,000,000 boxed signatures demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman for the murder of their son.

The Trayvon Martin murder has quickly morphed from a “call for justice” to a political duel in the war against “white male privilege” in America.  There is the obvious manipulation of legal language creating technical hurdles for the prosecution, the “unauthorized” leak of information potentially damaging to the deceased and ostensibly favorable to the shooter, and the plant of specific biased details in the minds of prospective jurors in this case, all to save a white man’s life.  The most disrespectful statement, so far, is that of Governor Rick Scott. His prattle about waiting until things “calm down” before he would call a special task force to look into the matters predicating this unrest (racial profiling and the crazy “Stand Your Ground” genre of laws), implies a condescending disdain for the millions of Black voices raised for an arrest in this case.  As if the fervor surrounding this case is about temporary outrage and not about being fed up – sick and tired of unopposed racial profiling, white hatred, discrimination, bigotry and their costs to the Black American community including the persistent taking of Black lives with impunity, as if those calling for justice in this case have no “brain” (legitimate grievances), only “emotions”. In his mind, millions of “no brain” people simply have to be waited out until things return to “normal”. If normal is the climate before Zimmerman murdered Martin, when white men decide everything about the lives of everyone else, especially the poor, whose backs they ride to whatever destination, then, in fact, there will never, be “normalcy” again. 

As the Zimmerman family sows the seeds for George’s defense using every fox’s trick in the book including “leaving tracks in the snow with no legs”, it is likely they’ll have a defense scenario prepared to counter every potential incriminating fact found that might support his arrest.  The great differentiator today is the internet and social media. Today we are seeing information move faster around the world than ever before. It is much harder to cover up facts, as demonstrated by the cell phone recordings at the time of the shooting and the surveillance video of a handcuffed Zimmerman initially in police custody, prior to the decision to release him uncharged and unexamined or corroborated. In some instances we witness Zimmerman’s defense being taken apart as fast as his family puts it up.  Memphis, Tennessee, once thought, as the biennial “murder capital of America”, to be the best place to commit murder of Black men and get away with it, is being relieved of its title by TrayCity, USA/Sanford, Florida. What does it say about American race relations when millions of signatures, and millions, again, of bodies pouring into the streets can’t get one white man arrested to face charges for the notorious murder of a 17 yr old Black child?