An End to Terrorism

Posted on May 4, 2012 by


Speaks for itself!
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The world should pursue an end to terrorism at any cost.  Every nation is aware that terror works, if left unchecked.  The world can’t afford another people who have suffered unchecked terrorism like that of African-Americans.  These people have suffered under a constant terror attack that goes back a century.  As a result, they’ve no interest or ability to enter the world community.  They’re living under a constant fear of losing a job to beatings or death at the hands of police. Think, never acquiring business financing to failure to understand just how capital is generated and a total lockout from trade and commerce that’s readily available to anyone other than African-American.  Terrorism against African-Americans is a case of the most successful terror campaign in history.  The bombings, lynching, and economic shutouts, that African-Americans have suffered, are of direct unchecked terrorism and are unparalleled.