Memphis Tax Payers Gone Wild!

Posted on October 15, 2012 by


This coalition is proof that Memphis’s leadership has, in fact, lost its souls. They’re undertaking Memphis’s challenges base on something that has happened hundred miles away; in a city that doesn’t resemble Memphis at all; Detroit! Come on now; they could’ve done better than that. Hell, Memphis has the highest sale tax rate in the country and these people, ordinary citizens, are begging for a higher rate. What’s wrong with them? Are they stupid? Haven’t they any conscious? Don’t they know that Memphis is at the bottom of the job creation game; there’re more poor people in Memphis of most cities her size; and hasn’t much taken place to improve her “quality of life” with the revenue that’s collect in first place.

The solution isn’t higher taxes and fees, but better management. This coalition would’ve better served our community if they had taken apart the city budget and then made bold life changing recommendations. Stop the dumb stuff; we aren’t living in a tax increase “economic” environment.