Talut’s Debate Notes!

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My notes:

1. Mitt’s totally insensitive to wild life and oil drilling

2. Low cost oil drilling means poor paying jobs

3. POTUS calling out his lies point by point

4. Mitt extremely disrespectful

5. Mitt has gone crazy asking the POTUS a question; POTUS killed him on the oil drilling question asked by Mitt.

6. Mitt isn’t respecting the process

7. POTUS is leading the conversation and Mitt is following 8:31

8. Did Mitt drop his microphone? 8:34
9. Mitt’s pretending that he has a plan 8:36
 10. Mitt’s out of control 8:36
 11. What’s a binder full of women? 8:41
 12: POTUS is educating the American people 8:44
 13. Mitt’s lying about women’s rights 8:45
 14. Mitt’s on the defense 8:48
 15. Mitt’s on the offense 8:56
16. Mitt’s pretending that the job of POTUS is super simple as he address Libya 9:13
 17. POTUS is attacking Mitt on foreign policy 9:16
 18. Mitt’s working on parenthood policy 9:21
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